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Landslides occur in many different geological and environmental settings across Europe and are a major hazard in most mountainous and hilly regions. Every year landslides cause fatalities and large damage to infrastructure and property. Intense and/or long lasting rainfall represents the most frequent trigger of landslides in Europe, and is expected to increase in the future due to climate change.

LANDSLIDE is a European project, co-financed by DG Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection of the European Commission, with the aim to develop an innovative risk assessment tool to predict and evaluate landslide hazards. This enables to make completely automatic predictions on a day to day basis of landslide hazards, as well as to correctly evaluate the impact of climate change, in a medium long term. The partnership made up of 6 partner organisation coming from Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Poland will jointly develop, adapt and test the model and software within four hydrographic basins selected as test sites.


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